My partner in this assignment was Miguel Sandoval. At first we were discussing about what to do for the final project. But he gave the idea of doing one project from another year of the same course of TC101. So we actually look at this page of a year ago, from the TC101 Winter 2015 group.

We decide to do a Sudoku.

Captura de pantalla 2016-05-04 a las 15.56.30Captura de pantalla 2016-05-04 a las 15.56.54 Basically , we build our code based blog posts from students in that course . Also it was very helpful this website , to understand some concepts and to create the code. This web page was very useful too.
We did this almost all the time separated, so we could not make a video. But Ken himself, he made a video explaining the basics of the project. How it should work and stuff. If you want to take a look a his video it’s right here.

These are the specifications:

  • Create a text based version of a Sudoku.
  • Include all the rules and instructions that apply to the game.

Here’s the link to my GitHub for the code. And here’s the second one for the text file.

Working with Miguel was hard at the beginning because we had a lack of communication about the class. And we had troubles finding the topic, but it was he’s idea to do this project and I think he did the most part of the job. I believe he’s an incredible buddy to work with, and at the end, he won’t let you down.
So we stayed one afternoon in the library and we didn’t go home until the project was finished.

Any doubt, please let us know. Thank you, and we hope to see somewhere in the future.


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