Quiz 6

In this quiz, you needed to create a program which give you de Greatest Common Divisor between 2 numbers that you’ll provide. This is possible using Euclid’s algorithm. Just by following the Euclid’s algorithm, you can built the code and it really works. But one of the thing that I add is, that if the numbers … More Quiz 6

Yo Soy 196

We needed to create a program that asks the user for two pieces of data: The lower bound of the sequence The upper bound of the sequence Then you check the values from the lower bound (inclusive) to the upper bound (inclusive) and make a report of them. During the analysis of each number, if … More Yo Soy 196


This code is must of all, arrays and function. We needed to create a program that asks the user for 10 numbers  (floating point). Store those numbers in a list. Show to the user the total, average and standard deviation of those numbers. Also you will need the cmath library for this one in the … More WSQ10

Quiz 5

These are the instructions: Create a function called is_palindrome which receives a string as a parameter and returns true if that string is a palindrome, false otherwise. Remember that a palindrome is a word that is the same forward or backward. For full points your function must ignore case and must work with any character (not just letters). So … More Quiz 5

Quiz 4

We created a function called euler_calc with a single parameter precision. The value of precision is used to determine when to stop calculating. Your calculation will stop when the two consecutive values estimating e differ by less than precision. For example: In this code, you’ll need also another function for a factorial because de euler … More Quiz 4


This program will give you the factorial value of a number that you will give. It’s pretty easy. The function has only int x (which is the number that you’ll give) , and in the function you will have the int n (that will be the factorial number at the end) and int i (that … More WSQ09