WSQ14 – Scilab

First you must watch this tutorial video It is really helpful. For the download click here: Something that makes sense to me, is that MathLab and SciLab are kind of similar programs that could help programers to do their stuff. For me it’s just a really great program that works for programers like wolfram alpha. It … More WSQ14 – Scilab

Quiz 7

This quiz in fact, it’s one of the things I do on physics class. Here are the instructions: «Create a function called dot_product that receives two lists of numbers (say list1 and list2). The function returns what is the dot product of the two lists. For full marks, if the lists are not the same size, … More Quiz 7

WSQ13 – Exam2

This blog post it’s a little late. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t do it on time. LOL The answers to the Exam 2 are all on my GitHub account. All of them are the same of some of the past quizzes. So, enjoy them. Question 1 – LINK Question 2 – LINK Question 3 … More WSQ13 – Exam2

Quiz 6

In this quiz, you needed to create a program which give you de Greatest Common Divisor between 2 numbers that you’ll provide. This is possible using Euclid’s algorithm. Just by following the Euclid’s algorithm, you can built the code and it really works. But one of the thing that I add is, that if the numbers … More Quiz 6

Yo Soy 196

We needed to create a program that asks the user for two pieces of data: The lower bound of the sequence The upper bound of the sequence Then you check the values from the lower bound (inclusive) to the upper bound (inclusive) and make a report of them. During the analysis of each number, if … More Yo Soy 196