This quiz took me a while, not only because I finished it on last class, but I haven’t had time in the partials week. Anyway, the first quiz was kind of easy because you only needed to follow the formula of the distance of two points in the plane.   So I look up in google … More QUIZ 3

Quiz 2

In this quiz, to make the program run, you needed to create also a function. Like in the first problem. You needed to create the function superpower and to declare the integers a and b in it. The program should make the result of the first number powered to the second. But all in one … More Quiz 2


In this first quiz, i hadn’t any trouble with any of the exercise, just i forgot to do it in time LOL. The first programm:We need to give the volume of a cylinder, and the formula is H*pi*ra^2, so again it was pure algebra. Also I needed to put float, instead of int, because of … More QUIZ-1


#AbolishGrades About the 2 first readings, I believe they are correct. I mean, the first lecture, all those students talking about their experience in college with different teachers and different courses, but they all agree with the wrong attitude of some teachers. And about the second blog, that was kind of the same experience I … More -WSQ04